New Horizons Church Ministries



Rev. Steve Fullmer, Ieldra Council
Spiritual Counseling, Wildlife Rehabilitation

Rev’s. Sugee and Roger Gammon, Ieldra Council
Reiki Master Teachers, Clairvoyant readings, Spiritual counseling, House cleansings, and works very close with the Faery Kingdom DeWolf-NHC, Richard (

Rev. Richard DeWolf
Spiritual Counseling, Crystal Energies

Rev. Dr. Theresa DeWolf, MS
Wolfsong Counseling, Spiritual Counseling, Certified Chaplain

Rev. Zoe Lani-Sayer, Ieldra Council Earth Above Sky Below
Spiritual Counseling, Native American Art, Reiki Master

Rev. Victoria Mogilner East West Rejuvenation Center
Acupuncture, Tai Chi

Rev’s. Darryl & Dawn Schoenstadt, Ieldra Council HeartMind International

Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Workshops

Aeoliah Music for Healthy Living
Musician and Artist Extraordinaire

Karishma Patel

Terry Goodman

DJ Extraordinaire, Musician First follower of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”

Rev. Gail Hoag
Spiritual Counseling, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Counseling

Rev. Gregory Hoag Metaforms
Spiritual Counseling, Advanced Geometeric form design

Rev. Anastasia AlexanderLiving Inside Out
Goddess histories, healthy cuisines

Rev. Miraa Neill – Author

Rev. Dr. Dianna Parks-Isam Wings – “Music to Soothe the Soul and Uplift the Spirit Spiritual Counseling, Poet, Jewelry Maker, Author, Radio Show Host

Rev. Dr. Michael Isam

Spiritual Counseling, Reflexology, Massage, Artist, Poet, Radio Show Host, Humorist

Rev. Bibi Katusic, Ieldra Council
Spiritual Counseling, Art, Poetry

Rev’s. Scott & Sigi Beebe, Ieldra Council – The Academy of Business and eadership ducation (ABLE) Charter school

Rev. Palea Cedar – Spiritual Counseling, Herbology, Aromatherapy and Chakra Balancing.

She offers a therapy called Auromabalance using essential oils, crystals and music to balance energy.

Teaches gentle yoga, meditation and breathing techniques.

Rev. Bob Blaize

Astrology, Feng Shui, Musician, Radio Show Host, Extraterrestrial Investigations, Author

Rev. Gita Carpenter Integral Retreat

Yoga, Vegetarian Cuisine Chef

Rev. Lacey Nagy Lacey Nagy – Life Coach, Feng Shui, Activism

Rev. Lyric Madison Diloren

Dolphin Communicator, Actress, Massage Therapist, Childrens Book Author, Clothing Designer, Angel Artist

Rev. Madeline Day – Enlightenment Catalyst, PSYCH-K ® Facilitator, EFT Practitioner, Freedom Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Reader, Speaker, Artist, teacher, Qigong, meditation

Rev. Renee Silverstein – Artist

Rev. Ruth Travers – Intuitive energy healer, Certified in Healing Touch, Quantum Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, restoring all parts/organs/glands/hormones in body

Rev. Steve Fritz – Musician, Flute Maker

Rev. John Dugish Awareness Therapy – Spiritual Counseling, Healing with Sound

New Ministers

Rev. Chelsea Moody

Rev. Alea Wise

Rev. Alexander Catala

Rev. Alisha Mishell

Rev. Andre Rowland

Rev. Becky Covington

Rev. Cara Hewett

Rev. Dolores Mitchell

Rev. Dorothy Brazis-NHC

Rev. Fayenen Lathrenwen

Rev. Frank Rosado

Rev. Jessica Tupack

Rev. Joe Leigh

Rev. Judy Travis

Rev. Katja Blythe

Rev. Karishma Kush

Rev. Laurie Reisman

Rev. Lisa Remy

Rev. Madhavi Glick

Rev. Magdalena Lantinen

Rev. Maria Carter

Rev. Michelle Calzado

Rev. Nilda Sessler

Rev. Peter Sessler

Rev. Nrisimha (KD) Allin

Rev. Sajjan (Gaura) Allin

Rev. Patrick Mangum

Rev. Rachel Wyman

Rev. Raj Bechtol

Rev. Rebecca Wayne

Rev. Sharon Julien

Rev. Shakti Rios



Rev. Dr. Ramu Re, Ieldra Council
– Spiritual Counseling, Meditation

Rev. Darrell Laird – “Wildflower”, Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking, The Light of Truth, Simplicity & Love…, Teach only love for that is what you are.
Wisdom in Poetry

Dr. Barbara Furst, D.C. – Chiropractor, Kihei, HI 96753


Rev. Pam Youngquist, Naturopathic Wellness Care – Naturopathic Wellness Care, Spiritual Counseling, Native American Art, Herbology, Author

Rev. Charma Hastings – Ieldra Council – Spiritual Counseling, Full body work, Nutritional Therapist

North Carolina
Rev. John Mancuso, Ieldra Council – Spiritual Counseling, Musician, Nutritionist

Rev. Laurie Mancuso, Ieldra Council – Spiritual Counseling, Nutritionist, Spa owner

Rev. David Elkus – Humorist, Light-weight, Old Guy Style, Commercial Fishing

Rev. Donald O’Dell – Author, Proposal Consulting

Rev. Amon Greene, Ieldra Council – Spiritual Counseling, Tai Chi, Massage Therapy

Rev. Linda Greer, Ieldra Council – Spiritual Counseling, Art

Rev. Pat Hale – Spiritual Counseling, Metaphysics, Dreamwork, Independent Dolphin Researcher, Poet, singer-songwriter, musician, artist, photographer, lecturer, author.

Rev. Deb Jenkins – Spiritual Counseling

Rev. Zentura – Spiritual Counseling, Rebirthing, Bodywork, Essential Oils, Crystals & Poetry


Rev. Deric Rico – Baja California de Mexico – Spiritual Counseling

Rev. Rick Rico – Baja California de Mexico, Ieldra Council – Spiritual Counseling

Rev. Darrell Laird – Hawaii, New Zealand – Spiritual Counseling

Associates, Other Churches and Organizations
 Elizabeth Hoskinson – Spiritual Counseling, Transformational Healing, Reiki Instructor

Fernando Bernall Acupuncture by Fernando Bernall

Spiritual Counseling, Acupuncture, Xing Yi, Ba Gua, Chen, Yang, and Wu Styles of Tai Chi

John Springer

Enchanted & Landscape Walkabouts, Spiritual Counseling, Art, Humorist

Seraphim Center – Gainesville, FL

Americana Leadership College

The Dolphin Connection – Joan Ocean

In The Art Of Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Bishops Marilyn Seig & Evelyn Hill

Spiritual Counseling, Childrens Book Author

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