About NHC


New Horizons Church, Inc. was founded in California/st1:State> in 1977.

New Horizons Church of Universal Love is the On-Line Church


NHC’s primary mission was to give women a place to
express their spirituality without the influence of male dogma. NHC was founded by a woman; Dianna Parks-Isam
(Dianna Sanchez when founded). We will
be adding to this website so that both women and men can share stories of their
spiritual growth. We have ministers,
both women and men, in many areas of this country and
in other countries as well. Ministers in
New Horizons Church
are people who have been doing spiritual work for years and who listen to their
angelic guidance in the work they do for NHC.


Also being added is a place to download books and
weekly inspirational messages.

The First book that will be available is: Angels in the 21st
by Dr. Parks-Isam




Rev. Dr. Dianna Parks-Isam, Founder

Rev. Dr. Michael Isam, Secretary